Program 20050308-0314

Part 1
(“Being Like Robots”, music selection by Burn)
Little Computer People – I AM
[Little Computer People]
Air – Cherry Blossom Girl (remix)
[Cherry Blossom single]
Björk РIn Our Hands (soft pink truth)
The Hacker – Fadin’ Away
Chemical Brothers – Believe
[Push the Button]
Anthony Rother – Modular Dj
[Life is Life is Love]
Dj Naughty – Giggolo Style
[Electropop 3000]
New Order – Confusion 2002 (Larry Tee remix)
[Whacked promo]
Fischerspooner – Just Let Go (tommie sunshine rmx)
[Just Let Go remixes]
Little Computer People – Electro Pop
[Little Computer People]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
S.A. 123 – Kriminal Kinder
[Societé Anonyme РDanceteria(?)]
Depeche Mode – Master and Servant
[Master and Servant – Mute]
Beborn Beton – Mantrap – the Seduction
[Tales from Another World – WTII Records]
Android Lust – Kingdom of One
[The Dividing – Dark Vision Media/Projekt]
Psychopomps – Godshit
[MOREDK – Zoth Ommog]
Birmingham 6 – Die for Jehovah
[Error of Judgement – Hard Records Europe]
Klute – Nosecandy (feed’em mix)
[V/A – Technopolis IV – Zoth Ommog]
Ten Data Keshin – track 13*
[Texas Instruments – self-release]
Loss – A letter that will never be sent
[A letter that will never be sent – Inner Demons]
Displacer – Artificial Living
[Arroyo – M-Tronic]
Dither – Amek 2
[Amek – M-Tronic]

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