Program 20050111-0117

Part 1
(music selection by João)
God Module – Mirror
[V/A – Cryonica Tanz V.1 – Cryonica Music]
Punto Omega – Mundo de Robot (feat. Cenobita)
[Punto Omega – Matrix Cube / Trisol]
Aslan Faction – Deception
[Blunt Force Trauma – Noitekk]
Agonoize – Open The Gate
[V/A – Decoder V2.0 – Infacted Recordings]
The Retrosic – Maneater (Gramophone)
[God Of Hell + Servant Of Hell – Tribune Records]
Novakill – Prey To Your God
[Hard Tech For A Hard World – RepoRecords]
Suicide Commando – Time
[Critical Stage – Off Beat]
Panzer AG – Totale Luftherrschaft
[This Is My Battlefield – Accession Records]
Feindflug – Kahle Bedrohung
[I./St.G.3 [Phase 2] – Black Rain]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Ministry – Burning Inside
[The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste – Sire Records]
Flesh Field – Seethe
[Strain – Dependent Records]
Destroid – Broken and Abused
[Future Prophecies – Out Of Line]
KiEw – Gabriel
[Audiotherapy – Out Of Line]
Dive – Nobody Else (featuring Ms. Poly-Ester)
[Into the Sun – Daft Records]
Ebola – Klikass
[Iszoloscope/Ebola – yb70.09 – Yb-70]
Navicon Torture Technologies – Love is Unbruised Knuckles
[The Arrow and the Wound – Eibon Records]
I, Parasite – Flesh To Take
[Turin – Dark Vision Media]
Mentallo & The Fizer – Decomposed (Trampled)
[Where Angels Fear to Thread – Metropolis]

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