Kiss the lips, Shoot the Heart

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[exclusive] ]
Black Lung – Sapphic Trysts And Burnt Lips
[The Soul Consumer – Ad Noiseam]
Suicide – I Remember
[Suicide – Celluloid]
The Nuns – Anita
[New York Vampires – Triple Silence]
Dasha and Vorse – Avant Le Debut
[Exillusia – La Beleine Distribution]
Massive Attack – Atlas Air (Jneiro Jarel’s Lavender Remix)
[Atlas Air EP – The Vinyl Factory]
Cosmetics – Sleepwalking
[Sleepwalking (single) – Captured Tracks]
Poesie Noire – We’ll Die Dancing
[Sense Of Purpose – Body Electric]
Absolute Body Control – Surrender no Resistance
[Shattered Illusion – Daft Records]
Parralox – Isn’t It Strange (Ade Fenton Extended Remix)
[Isn’t It Strange – Conzoom]
The Left Rights – Whistling Dixie
[Bad Choices Made Easy – Metropolis]
Hadouken! – Crank It Up
[Music For An Accelerated Culture – Surface Noise Records]
Senser – Age Of Panic
[Stacked Up – Ultimate Records]
unknown – Die Slaven standen auf (Tschechoslowakei)
[Songs Of The European Resistance Against Fascism – unknown]
Sensual Harassment – Fever
[Alpha Draconis – Self Released

— music selection & mixing by :JW:

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