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Free releases by The Centrifuge

This week we asked Wassim of the UK-based electronic arts collective The Centrifuge to recommend a few highlights from their back-catalog along with a few words. Not only did he send us a pretty comprehensive list but he went above and beyond the call of duty with descriptions and background of each release!

Automatic Tasty “Life After Debt LP”
This one as a long time coming, I think Johnny sent me over 100 tracks over the years we’ve been discussing this. I loved nearly all of them, but he kept me hanging on with the promise of better to come. Finally it came together, a lush trip through electro and acid house with a nod to the past but firmly facing the future.

Roy of the Ravers “2010 Annual EP”
Not sure if non-UK music fans get the reference here, so I’ll explain. “Roy of the Rovers” was a 1980s comic strip about a goal-scoring protagonist, with the littlest of tweaks we’ve got ourselves an endless stream of surrealism tightly woven into the collective unconscious of 20 and 30 somethings throughout this land. Imagery aside, Roy makes some of the most compelling hardware jams we’ve ever heard and we’ve an album to release this spring which will reveal his deeper side.

Glatze “Glatze EP”
Our dear friend Sam Underwood has gone through several monikers before this EP surfaced and its one of the most out-there and unique pieces of music we’ve come across in the electronic world. He describes it as “Romany Surf Step” and who are we to argue. Also a criminally underrated live performer, listen to the last track to get a feel for the energy he puts into his shows.

V/A “Acid Futures Vol. I and II Double LP”
Acid Futures Vol. I and II were the motherload! I put the call out for the compilation and perhaps left it a little too long before putting the thing together. The result was an unrelenting trip though the sound of the 303, as varied as it is focussed. Acclaimed by critics and fans, and possibly our label’s biggest achievement to date. Not bad for a free release I suppose…

Herv “Gang Molded LP”
Herv’s got a killer range of sonic weaponry, and he pulled out some ballistic-grade pieces for this release. Pretty much every flavour of rave is in here, jungle, acid, techno, garage…all mangled up and spat out in dancefloor destruction format. One of our most popular releases so far.

T.C.O. “The Die LP”
Mirco Magnani is our label’s elder statesman, a true gentleman with rarefied tastes. This release had a strong conceptual slant, with 6 original tracks and 6 reinterpretations exploring clicks, cuts, pulses and glitch. Mirco is currently finishing a tech-opera, more on that soon.

Terrificolor “3 EP”
This one really excited us when it dropped into our laps. Its rare to hear music that retains edge when intensity and pace come to the fore, but Terrificolor walks the line to great effect. Hyperactive sonic explorations somewhere between drill’n’bass, IDM and acid.

Nexus “Silicone Poplars LP”
Berlin’s Nexus (now known as Eutechnik) sent us this great album back in 2009, and it became one of our favourite listens in the office for many months. Taking its cue from electronica, glitch and sonic art, and retaining a strong conceptual cohesion throughout its one of the most well-rounded albums we’ve released.

The Gasman “Inept Whoop LP”
I don’t think The Gasman needs much introduction after a dozen albums on Planet Mu, Sublight, Terminal Dusk and Gasman Music, but its testament to his staying power that he can continually reinvent his sound whilst retaining a recognisable sonic signature that remains charateristic thoughout his output. It’s hard for me to choose a favourite of the 3 EPs we’ve released of his, they’re all unique and compelling in their own ways.

Formication “Dr Umens LP”
Formication were old acquaintances of ours from our humble beginnings in Nottingham, a truly innovative group both live and in the studio. This record came about from a series of reinterpretations of an old NeuteK track, truly amazing that something as diverse, dark and magnificent came from such a brief starting point. Imagine a world where sound art and glitch intertwine with the dark heart of human emotion.

NeuteK “Meltdown EP”
Had to include this one really, even though we didn’t do any artwork for it and its unmastered. Our first release and one very special to my heart since its by The Centrifuge co-founder Neutek. Tracker-oriented chip-glitch with breakbeats and acid flying all over the place. We spent many a month jamming away in the back rooms of toilet clubs in Nottingham UK, usually with almost no-one present to enjoy. It didn’t seem to matter back then, we were into it and NeuteK’s live sets are the stuff of legend now. Wish it was easier to persuade him to come out and play, he’s a very reclusive individual…

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