Free releases

Starting this section in Connexion Bizarre with a few online releases that caught my attention in the past weeks…

AZ-Rotator “SPAM EP” (DISCONTINUrecords)

B.R.O. “Analog People In A Digital World” (NOECHO Records)

Factory Kids “Get Gone” (NOECHOrecords)

Fractional “Blood Remixes” (Tympanik Audio)

Iszoloscope “Beyond Within And So On”

Mortiis “Perfectly Defect”

Suicide Inside “Dead Red” (Invasion Digital)

Synnack “v2.5” (Force Of Nature)

VortexSoundTech “The Death Of Us All”

Worms Of The Earth “The Lesser Ophiddian Gate” (Bugs Crawling Out Of People)